Our Mission: Building community wireless networks in rural parts of Ghana.

To achieve our mission we have identified three major phases to our project:

The first phase of the project is completed with ten nodes in the Akwapim Community Wireless Network providing ten points of connectivity to the Akwapim North district of Ghana.

To serve a wider area, Phase II of the project, will be executed between September 2006 and September 2007 and will specifically address:

• Strengthening of the network infrastructure with a backbone of high-power, low-fault “central” nodes and a cost-priced VSAT solution;

• Expanding the network from 10 to 20 nodes by providing new access points to 5 secondary schools;

• Adding and maintaining nodes for small businesses, organizations, community groups and churches that can purchase their own equipment;

• Bridging current volunteers to part-time employees to achieve a stable workforce and a well maintained and sustainable network;

• Hosting a conference on Community Wireless Networks in Ghana to address the applications of wireless networking technology through parts of rural Ghana.

In Phase III of the project, from September 2007 through 2008, the Wireless Ghana team will assist in the implementation of community wireless networks throughout the various regions in Ghana, particularly those with a CBLit presence. (CBLit’s next centers will be in the Ashanti and Western regions). The pilot project, the Akwapim Community Wireless Network, will serve as a model in the implementation of these networks.

We are currently seeking funding for Phase II and Phase III.