How can wireless Ghana be a partnership with Youth Employment ICT Training Program

How can wireless be a partnership with Youth Employment ICT Training programme.

If some one know The Chief Director of
Ministry of Manpower and Youth Employment.

I have sent the partnership letter to them but l haven’t get reply yet.

Also CC: to Akuapem North District Chief Executive.

If someone have Idea, please let me know.

ICT Policy in Ghana

lately ive been talking to

lately ive been talking to an it-trainer in the Kofi-Annan-Center (aiti-kace) about this particular question. he was of the same opinion as dr. seth kumi: probably there is no law on the regulatory policy yet, but responsible institutions to side occasionally. Further he was convinced of WIFI being considered free licensed within these institutions. still we need to verify this by direct communication with these institutions. find the institutions and related infomration on regulatory policy for telecommunication in the following link:

Ongoing WiFi Projects in Ghana

Below is a list of current and ongoing community wireless projects in and around Ghana. If you have a project please list it here, along with any links to more information about it.


TIER: UC Berkeley initiative to connect university libraries and more.

Akwapim Community Wireless Network: Pilot project of Wireless Ghana.

Twifo Connect: Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyra District Assembly was the first rural district in Ghana to get a satellite link to the internet and operate a public internet café in 2002 as a pilot for a regional ICT project. Due to operational difficulties, however, the cafe had to close in 2005. Only in December 2006, it reopened under new management as a local private company Twifo Connect ltd. The cafe is located at the Assembly Building and from the roof of the building a hotspot will be providing WLAN services to offices, schools, and businesses in Twifo Praso from the third week of February 2007. A radio link to some schools and institutions farther away will be set up soon.