Ongoing WiFi Projects in Ghana

Below is a list of current and ongoing community wireless projects in and around Ghana. If you have a project please list it here, along with any links to more information about it.


TIER: UC Berkeley initiative to connect university libraries and more.

Akwapim Community Wireless Network: Pilot project of Wireless Ghana.

Twifo Connect: Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyra District Assembly was the first rural district in Ghana to get a satellite link to the internet and operate a public internet café in 2002 as a pilot for a regional ICT project. Due to operational difficulties, however, the cafe had to close in 2005. Only in December 2006, it reopened under new management as a local private company Twifo Connect ltd. The cafe is located at the Assembly Building and from the roof of the building a hotspot will be providing WLAN services to offices, schools, and businesses in Twifo Praso from the third week of February 2007. A radio link to some schools and institutions farther away will be set up soon.


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Ongoing WiFi Projects in Ghana